Computer Classes


Want to learn how to better use your computer, get a better job, connect with people through social media or just shop and pay your bills online?

We offer computer courses five times per week right here on the Vineyard Cincinnati campus. Stop in to the Healing Center to practice and learn at one of our 18 state-of-the-art workstations. Classes are available at all skill levels. This is a safe learning environment to strengthen existing skills and develop new ones.

You can register for one of the classes (see list below) or just show up! Class times Wed.–Sat. mornings, 10–11:30am, and Thurs. evenings, 7–8:30pm. First time? Come 15 minutes early to get help signing in.

These four-week courses rotate throughout the year:

Computer Basics

Are you a little behind where you would like to be in computer skills? Then this is the class for you. In a safe and fun environment, you can come and learn some of the basic things that will help you to bridge the gap to understanding how to use the computer, internet, social media, and develop the courage to use online accounts.

Word & Docs

Do you need to learn how to use Microsoft Word or Google Docs? This is the class for you to get started. In our safe and friendly computer lab you will get to practice some basic skills and use the word processor of your choice.

We will guide you in activities and stretch your skills to go home after class and put some of the fun tools learned here into practice.

Excel & Sheets

Using spreadsheets for both personal and professional goals can add a level of organization, and create systems to make tasks easier. Spreadsheets are used for planning, analyzing, communicating, and much much more.

In this class, you will spend some time practicing basic spreadsheet skills that can translate into any environment, whether it be for Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets you can be confident that you will develop the skills needed to put spreadsheets into practice in your daily life.

Google Suite

Effective use of search engines, email, calendar and the cloud are all skills learned in this four-week beginners course. It is a quick introduction to skills you can continue to develop by putting to work the lessons from this class.

More than just computer skills, this class offers insight into using some technology skills to be more organized, and ready for life in a Google work or personal environment. Developed as a course for staff at the Vineyard and Healing Center, this has been adapted to support users of all levels and can start you on a path to become an expert Googler!

Sep 25

9:00 AM •

GED, HiSet, TASC Orientation

Prepare to pass a High School Equivalency test and graduate High School. Registration is required and limited due to social distancing policies.