Spiritual Care

The Healing Center is known for assisting individuals in obtaining help for practical needs but we have much more to offer. It is our desire to minister to the whole person and that includes spiritual support.

Food for Thought

Please join us in our group devotional time, better known as Food for Thought, in which we build relationships and encourage one another toward greater personal growth, gain hope and draw closer to God.

Food for Thought is a devotional time offered to the guests, volunteers and staff. Our goal is to honor God and give thanks to him, to edify, instruct and bring hope to the participants and to build community.

How does it work?
Everyone is invited to the auditorium at 9:30 AM – 10:00 AM Wednesday – Saturday or 7:00 PM – 7:30 PM on Thursday evenings to receive an encouraging message. Pastries and coffee are available. The devotions are led by staff or discipleship volunteers.

Keeping in mind our desire to build community, Food for Thought is designed to create discussion among those attending. It is an interactive time in a relaxed atmosphere.

Chaplains and prayer team volunteers are always present to pray for and to lend spiritual support to participants at the close of devotional time.

Hot Topics

What is Hot Topics? Hmmm, well, it is kind of a class. No, it is really more like a small group. On second thought, maybe it’s kind of a book club.

We know one thing for sure, Hot Topics is all about learning and growing together. Most of our Hot Topics classes are based on the most popular current Christian books/DVDs.

Lively discussion and exchange of ideas ensues which creates somewhat of a small group feel. Due to the fact we usually read a book for the class, it is also like a great book club. However it should best be described, it is always fun!

Need Prayer?

If you need prayer, Prayer Partners and Chaplains will listen and pray with you during Healing Center hours, Wednesdays-Saturdays 9:30am-12noon and Thursday evenings 7-9pm. Chaplains are also available if you need someone to talk to. Just stop on by!

Healing Rooms at the Healing Center

You can also make an appointment for an extended time of healing prayer in a safe, confidential environment. Available Thursday evenings by calling (513) 671-0422, ext 471 or email healingrooms@HealingCenterCincinnati.org.