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People from around the world participate in the English For Speakers of Other Languages classes at the Healing Center. No matter your language of origin, the ESOL program is a good fit for anyone. Cincinnati Public Schools provides a staff person to support the volunteer instructors and provide pre and post testing resulting in at least a 20% increase in English speaking skills.

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A financial gift to the Healing Center can help fund the staff, resources, and tools needed to help individuals grow toward helping each guest end poverty in their family. You can become part of our mission at the Healing Center by clicking here to make a tax-deductible financial gift.

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We need teachers and class aides in all of our English classes. No need to speak any language other than English! We are adding new students and new class times regularly and are in constant need of support. Don’t hesitate. We need your help now!

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Ready to learn English? Register below for you and one of our friendly staff or volunteers will contact you to schedule your pre-testing. You will get your own learning plan and will have both classroom and at home learning opportunities

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