Calendar of Events



Dec 15

9:00 AM • Healing Center

Christmas Parties at the Healing Center

We’re going to share the joy of Christ by throwing ten Christmas Parties at the Healing Center from December 12th-22nd.

9:30 AM • Healing Center

Food For Thought

This is a devotional time in which we build relationships, encourage one another, gain hope and draw closer to God.

10:00 AM • Healing Center

Computer Class: Open Lab

10:00 AM • Healing Center

ESOL: English for Speakers of Other Languages

The classes are open to anyone, so just come to one of the class times; registration and language assessment happen on your first visit.

10:00 AM • Healing Center


In KitchenHC we will connect for thirty minutes and practice a few new cooking skills and taste the delicious fruits of our labor.

10:30 AM • Healing Center

Step One

Step One is a twenty minute Orientation for new guests. During this time, we welcome our guests to the Healing Center, explain our processes for shopping and assessments, and inform them of services that are available to them on future visits.