Auto Clinic

The Auto Clinic team provides oil changes, brake repair and can visually inspect minor car issues. Labor is free, and the car owner pays for any needed parts. Oil changes are performed at a reduced cost. All services are performed on Saturdays, by appointment only, for active Healing Center guests.

Work we can do at the Auto Clinic

We can do:

  • Oil changes
  • Replace brake rotors and brake pads (Other brake related items must be inspected first.)
  • Small things like replace wiper blades. (Car owner must bring in all of the parts.)
  • Replace hoses, bulbs, and battery maintenance. (Car owner must bring in all of the parts.)
  • Check fluid levels, fill fluids and check on road worthiness of wheels and tires.
  • Inspect a car for an immediate need and analyze for a second opinion.

What we cannot do at the Auto Clinic:

  • Engine work
  • Transmission work

Want to serve on the team? Team members do:

  • Diagnostic Evaluations
  • Perform minor car repairs
  • Provide auto consultation

Qualifications needed:

  • Experienced auto mechanics
  • A willingness to serve

For more information, please contact Rod Buchanan at